Southern Safety Supply sells numerous products in store and online that meet industry regulations. Our commitment is to keep you safe and ensure that the safety supplies you need are in stock and easily accessible. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we work with our partners to provide you with the correct safety equipment.

First Aid

We sell first aid kits and supplies in a variety of sizes, from small residential kits to large, five-shelf kits ideal for construction sites.


Our numerous signs and stickers are available in aluminum, plastic, and vinyl. Our safety signage includes danger and warning signs, traffic and facility signage, and more. We are pleased to offer customers signage that meets the regulations of multiple industries.

Lock Out Equipment

When you need to shut down certain equipment for regular maintenance, trust Southern Safety Supply for locks, tags, and other lock out products that are OSHA compliant.



Southern Safety Supply sells a wide array of lighting:

  • Exit lights
  • LED lights
  • Lighting for trucks and other vehicles
  • Security lights
  • Strobe lights
  • Warning lights


Safety Storage Containers

All of our containers, including gas containers and flammable liquid containers, are UL Certified.

Hydration Products & Coolers

Hydration is a primary safety concern for many industries such as construction and manufacturing. We sell powder and liquid hydration products and water coolers to keep you healthy and hydrated.

Gas Detectors

Southern Safety Supply sells and rents GFG gas detectors that are calibrated, bump tested, and ready to use.

Traffic Control

Our traffic control products meet DOT requirements. We offer cones, barrels, flagging, flashlights, and vests.

Utility Marking

To mark where utilities are on a property or work area, we sell flags, tape, and paint marking.

Occupational Safety Training

You can purchase the Rogers Learning System (RLS) online training program from Southern Safety Supply to ensure your employees are trained on OSHA requirements. RLS is a streamlined system with OSHA compliant record keeping.

Sorbent Products

We sell sorbent products to absorb hazardous chemicals such as oil and hydraulic fluid after crashes or spills. Our sorbent products come in the form of mops, powders, mats, and truck kits.


We sell numerous brands of LED flashlights including Outback Flashlights.

Barrier Systems

Southern Safety Supply sells and rents Banner Stakes portable barrier systems with multiple OSHA color-compliant messages.